The First Fully Integrated Fuel Management Solution for

Electric Vehicle Charging

Gives fleet managers the ability to manage electricity as a “standard fuel”

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FuelForce EV Allows Fleets to

Securely Authorize EV Charging

Track and Control Electricity Costs

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The Only System Available That Offers

Integrated Management of EVs

Manage EV Energy Costs Alongside Standard Fleet Fuels

Manage Fleets with All Types of Fuels

Fleet Managers Can Now

Access Cloud-Based Reporting

For All Fleet "Fueling" Including EV Charging

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How the
System Works

The FuelForce® Platform is made up of both hardware and software components to provide a robust fuel/energy management solution. The hardware centers around the controller, the FuelForce 814EV. The conroller provides verification and authentication to allow charging. Placed near the EV charging location, the controller is acccesed by the driver or attendant, is prompted for both driver and vehicle identification, and once authorized for a specific charger, a driver can connect the electric vehicle to the charger and power will flow. Once complete, the transaction is logged at the controller.

The second component of the system is, a Cloud-Based Management System. This management platform polls the controllers in its network periodically and aggregates all of the charging data, which then is used by fleet and facility managers in various ways. The key here is the ability to provide the data for EV charging alongside the fueling data for all other types of fuels. Total fuel costs can be calculated and assesed to sites, departments, or even drivers.

Integrated Fuel

The FuelForce® Platform is built upon decades of experience in managing fleet fuels of all types, from the standard petroleum based liquid fuels, to alternative bio-fuels, CNG, LNG, and Hydrogen. The FuelForce EV platform adds the management of electricity as a “standard fuel” for fleets with electric vehicles of all types.

The implication is that fleet managers have now at their fingertips the ability to manage the fueling authorization and administration of all fleet vehicle types, all from a single interface. Energy Costs for fleets, including those with EVs, is now available in a single dashboard, with the industry's most powerful cloud-based administration and reporting!

Cloud-Based Reporting

The FuelForce® web based software,, allows users to look at their data in real time. The system collects data from each EV Charging transaction and communicates via network cable or wireless connection to the cloud. This information is then accessed through the user’s FuelServe.Net account on any device using a standard web browser.

Authorized users have the ablity of running daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports for Billing, Overall Fuel Usage, Energy (KWh) Consumption by Driver, Vehicle, Department, or Site, etc. Reporting and management is integrated for the whole of the fleet, including integrated reports for Evs as well as fuel of all types.

FuelForce® Benefits

Providing Robust Fuel and Energy Management Solutions for Over 35 Years!

Durable and Reliable Hardware

Our ruggedized controllers are designed and built to withstand the rigors of Canadian winters and Southwest summers.

Secure Authorization & Reporting

FuelForce® Fuel Controllers only authorize the dispensing of the appropriate fuel to valid vehicles by valid drivers. Fueling transactions are logged with driver, vehicle, mileage, & dispenser hose.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The best cloud-based Fuel Management Dashboard in the Industry, providing reports and fuel management on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In the News

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Cyber Switching Power Management technology assists in creating this revolutionary new product! - October 30, 2017 (Princeton, New Jersey) – Multiforce Systems Corp. has announced the launch of FuelForce EV, a new line in their suite of fuel controllers, designed to provide energy management and control for fleets or organization charging electric vehicles...

Multiforce Introduces Alerts and Reservations to FuelForce EV™

New Feature Keeps EV Drivers Instantly Informed - November 29, 2017 (Princeton, New Jersey) - Multiforce Systems Corp. has introduced Driver Alerts and Reservations to their new FuelForce EV™ fleet fueling solution. EV (electric vehicle) fueling commonly occurs while the driver is away from their vehicle at work or play. Because of limited charger locations...

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